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Panoramic aspect of Palechora

Paleochora is known as one of the prettiest tourist destinations of Crete and the hole Greece. It is located 75 kilometers South-West of Chania prefecture and it has 2000 villagers of permanent population. It is built on the top of a peninsula between two colourful coves. Famous for its lovely sea shores is also constitutes one of the best places for a numerous of alternative expeditions.


Paleochora is wet by Libyan Sea and it's concerned as "The Nymph of the Libyan" and "City of the Sun".

It is the southest border of Greece and the southeasternest of Europe. Paleochora is very close to some of the most popular sights of Crete like Chrysoskalitsa, Elafonisi, Sougia, Sfakia, the island of Gavdos and more.


According to historical sources, Paleochora is built on top of the relics of the ancient city Kalamidi.

The city flourished in the period of Venice occupation. In 1278 Venice lord, Marinos Gradenigos, constructed Castel Selino over the peninsula, which is nowadays named "Forteza".


By staying in Paleochora you will be able to visit archaeological and historical sites, Byzantine sanctuaries and monasteries, ancient cities like Lissos, Elyros and Kantania, caves and famous gorges like Samaria and Agia Eirini.

The region is ideal for trekking, bicycling and swimming in one of its numerous sea sides. The climate is wonderful, temperate mediterranean of low humidity. The sea is blue-green, very clear and the variety of coasts is ideal for swimming, fishing, surfing and water ski, scuba diving and water sports. There are plenty of routes for trekking in European trails E4 & E1 and out of these.


Paleochora is the center of an area where there are 11 villages: Anidri, Azogires, Kalamos, Agia Triada, Prodromi, Spaniakos, Ansfendiles, Platanes, Basilaki, Blithias and Achladiakes.

Anidri village is located 5 kilometers north west from Paleochora. This village has a beautiful view to Libyan Sea and here There is the St. George church with wall paintings from 1312 AC. From this village begins the trails to Anidri Gialiskari gorge.


Azogires village is located north east from Paleochora. In this village there is the Zoures cave and the Charakas cave. They say that in Charakas cave 99 priests from Egypt, Cyprus and Attalia stayed and lead an ascetics life. This cave is also called the cave of 99 Fathers. In this village there is also a small museum of nature and a very old plane tree.


In Paleochora there are Kiosks with international press, shops with fishing material and photography equipment, hair studios, car rental offices, billiards, internet cafe, cinemas, clubs, bars and disco.

Additionally, you will be serviced by the tourist offices and travel agencies which issue tickets for any destination all over the world and organize excursions.



There is daily sea transportation to Sougia, Agia Roumeli, Loutro, Chora Sfakion, Elafonisi and the Island of Gavdos. Evening cruises are also scheduled daily in an attempt to photograph dolphins and whales at the open sea.

In Paleochora you will enjoy the sea, the sun, the place, the Cretan cuisine and hospitality that makes you feel like home.


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